The GMPRDIA tutorial (Graph-based Methods in Pattern Recognition and Document Image Analysis) is¬†scheduled on Sunday¬†12 November 2017 in room “Seminar Room #2 and #3 (East building, 2nd Floor)” (more details on ICDAR-2017 website).

The program of the GMPRDIA tutorial is given below:

Registration (08h30 – 09h00)

Session-1 (09h00 – 10h30)
Introduction and opening of GMPRDIA tutorial
Graph Representation
Graph Matching
Graph Embedding
Applications to Document Image Analysis and Graphics RECognition

Coffee Break (10h30 – 11h00)

Session-2 (11h00 – 12h30)
Graph Indexing, Diffusion, Serialisation, Subgraph Spotting (SSGCI competition)
Graph Convolutional Networks
How to program a graph-based method? What are the popular programming languages, libraries, datasets, evaluation tools and protocols
Discussion and closing