The GMPRDIA tutorial (Graph-based Methods in Pattern Recognition and Document Image Analysis) is scheduled on 12-Nov-2017 in room “AV Study Room” (max capacity – 63 people).

We are still finalizing the details of the program but in order to give the attendees an idea, following is the non-final version of the program for GMPRDIA tutorial:

Session-1 (8h30 – 10h00)
○ Graph representation
○ Graph matching
○ Applications to DIA and/or graphics recognition
○ How to program a graph-based method? What are the popular libraries?
○ Datasets, evaluation tools and protocoles

Break (30 mins)

Session-2 (10h30 – 12h00)
○ Graph embedding
○ Graph indexing and subgraph spotting
○ SSGCI competition
○ Graph Convolutional Networks

Discussion (12h00- 12h30)